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Uplistsikhe-Borjomi-Rabati Tour



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Uplistsikhe – the ancient cave city, one of the first cities in the territory of Georgia. Uplistsikhe is cut in the rock located in 12 km to the east from the city of Gori on the left river bank Kura. The city arose at the end of II — at the beginning of the I millennium BC, endured several rises and recessions, is, a multilayered archaeological object, one of the most important monuments of the Georgian culture. The uniqueness of a monument is that it, thanks to the device, kept in itself(himself) the remains of the architectural and cult constructions constructed throughout several millennium.


Borjomi is located in a southeast part of Georgia, in the gorge of the Kura River, at the height of 810 — 850 m above sea level. Borjomi treats to group of low-mountain resorts and is surrounded with the massif covered with the softwood and broad-leaved forests. The climate differs in moderate temperature both in summer, and in winter the periods. Borjomi is known for the medicinal mineral water which is applied as drinking at diseases of digestive tract, bilious ways, a metabolism, kidneys and in the form of bathtubs — at cardiovascular diseases, diseases of a nervous system and respiratory bodies. Archeological excavations found stone bathtubs here that demonstrates that curative properties of mineral water were known and were used in ancient times.


Rabati Fortress – medieval fortress is in the small town of Akhaltsikhe which was formed around it and in translation “the new fortress” means. When constructions of the lock began it is definitely not established, but the first written memories of it are dated the 12th century.

Rabati Fortress


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