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Adjara – one of the most popular and fine corners of Georgia, is located in a southwest part, on the coast of the Black Sea. As the autonomous republic, it has own flag and the coat of arms, and in the south borders on Turkey.

With Adjara, in the 1st century distribution of Christianity in Georgia which in the 4th century was announced by the state religion began. Here apostles preached Christianity. On some sources, one more apostle is buried in Adjara, namely in the territory of the fortress of Gonio-Apsaros. Fortress of Gonio-Apsaros is also connected with the famous myth about Argonauts, exactly here Yason and Argonauts arrived to look for the Golden Fleece.

Today Adjara is an example of peaceful cohabitation of many religious faiths. Here it is possible to meet both Christian, and Muslim monuments, a synagogue, Catholic and church.



Petra Fortress

The Byzantine fortress which well remained ruins are in the territory of the village of Tsikhisdziri of Kobuletsky municipality. According to Procopius of Scythopolis, Pyotr's fortress in Lazika was founded by the emperor Yustiniann of I.

Makhuntseti Waterfall

Located on North side of the top village of Makhuntseti in 335 meters above sea level, on the right side of the Adzharistskali River. The falls 50 meters high flow on small inflow that does it quite massive.


In that area it is possible to visit the following objects: medieval arch stone bridge, old church, fortress. Several legends on the Queen Tamara are connected with this place. Here historically beat it is developed processing of iron and production of a gun (both fire, and cold), the Machakhela Gun is known through the whole country, delivered it a monument in the gorge where two rivers – the river Chorokhi and the Machakhela River merge.

The Adjarian Wine House

Located in one of historical and beautiful places of Adjara, on the unique nature, in style шато, the surrounded vineyards where the winery and tasting rooms are located. Here, against the background of beautiful landscapes, you will get acquainted with ancient Georgian traditions, will try the most tasty wines and the Georgian dishes; you will see vineyards and you will get acquainted with unique methods of production of Georgian wine


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