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According to the legend, in the 5th century, Vakhtang I Gorgasali, the King of Iberia, hunted in forests which very long time ago covered the neighborhood of the ancient capital of Georgia of Mtskheta. The imperial falcon lifted a pheasant, and birds disappeared from a look. Hunters jumped in the direction of flight of birds and after long search came across a source into which the falcon together with the production got. Both birds were scalded,the source was hot. Historically name Tbilisi is connected with the word of “tbila”, on Georgian – “warm”.


Holy Trinity Cathedral

The main cathedral of the Georgian orthodox church, on Saint Ilya’s hill. In cathedral of 13 thrones, the lower temple in honor of the Lady Day, separately there is a belfry. Height of the top temple is 68 m, extent from the East on the West — 77 meters, from the North on the South — 65 meters. Total area — more than 5000 sq.m.

Park Rike

At the beginning of the 20th century the territory on the left coast of the Kura below present Baratashvili Bridge between the main bed of the river and its left sleeve was the island. In the 1920th years the sleeve of the river shoaled and dried, but the coast remained low and was quite often filled in during spring floods.

Peace Bridge

Is the pedestrian bridge through the Kura River in Tbilisi. Is between Metekhi Bridge and Baratashvili Bridge .The bridge has a 156-meter steel framework covered with glass. All design leans on 4 support. It is possible to get on the bridge both from the street and from embankments of boulevards. An architect is Michele De Lucchi.

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The first temple on this place was built at Vakhtang Gorgasali (the 5th century) conducting big construction, there was its palace. In 1235 during invasion of Mongols the temple was destroyed, but in 1278 — 1289 was completely restored and in such look reached our time.

Sioni Cathedral

Historically main temple of Tbilisi and one of two main in the Georgian church. Foundation of the temple is attributed to Vakhtang I Gorgasal. In 1112 David IV the Builder, having exempted Tbilisi from conquerors, built new cathedral which was exposed to destructions and restoration.

Air Cable

The cableway conducts to the Sololaksky hill to Narikal’s fortress and to a monument “Mother of Kartli”. Route extent — 508 meters, a difference of heights between the top and lower stations — 94 meters. Also from the hill the most beautiful panoramic view of the city opens.

Sulfur Baths

The historic district in the center of Tbilisi, known for the complex of the baths standing on natural sulphurous sources. The constructed at different times in the XVII—XIX centuries.It is also known for waterfall area.

Freedom Square

Is remarkable the “gold” statue of Saint Georgy (the heavenly patron of Georgia, than the English name of the country – Georgia speaks), at the beginning of the 90th Lenin’s statue was replaced.

Gabriadze Area

In old part of Tbilisi is located a very small marionette theatre. There, you will meet marionettes which like angels descend from heaven and which like demons emerge from the bowels.


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